Smelling Ass Queening

Men are like dogs, they ALL have to smell ass!

At least, when they come to me for some behavior training and obedience lessons they sure do!

Being a Queening Mistress means I specialize in ONE thing – making men smell ass and obey their female superiors!

ass smelling queening picture
“Smell Something Nice And PUNGENT?”

When a man comes to me I give him a “trip under”, which means he lays still while I spread my ass cheeks and sit on his face for hours on end. He is not to move, talk or masturbate – unless I’m feeling generous! A good dose of sniffing the old stinky starfish soon has him in the mood for further training and of course, getting out his wallet and showing his Mistress the proper respect!

Take it from me, ladies, if you want your man to obey, just give him a face full of ass and he’ll soon be eating out of your hand!

Mistress Tia
(With an ass to die for!)

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