Rimmed While On The Queening Stool

Recently I told you about my new awesome piece of furniture – my Queening stool. Imagine an ornate wooden throne with the seat cut out allowing my slaves to service my ass and pussy as I sit there regally enjoying their favors and directing their punishments and sexual humiliation.

I had it made especially for me by an outfit in Russia that makes fetish furniture, but not the cheap shit you see in Hollywood catalogs, who then delivers it to their clients around the world. Mine had been on order for over 6 months because I had requested that it be hand-carved out of fine aged walnut, and upholstered with handwoven silk cushions on the back and arm rests. It’s one of a kind and fit for a queen – ME!

And how does it work? Like a charm!

A Custom Queening Stool Explained

The seat is at a perfect angle to allow my sniveling slaves tongues to perfectly penetrate my anus, and by handcuffing them in place to the sturdy leg brackets I had installed, I am able to enjoy hours of sensual rimming as I sit there perched like the Pope on his throne. It even has a small marble bowl beneath it, so if I feel like honoring my slaves efforts with a face full of my hot golden nectar, I can do so without fear of soiling my beautiful Persian rugs that line the throne room.

It’s become talk of the party circuit, and last week I even held a small gathering of friends to demonstrate how well it works. Of course all my male guests wanted to be the 1st to try it, so I had to resort to making them bid for the opportunity to rim my Royal ass under the throne. Needless to say it was a huge hit, and I gained several more rich clients from demonstrating this deliciously erotic piece of femdom training furniture.

Should you buy one? Only if you have an extra $30,000 laying around and feel the need to give your slaves the optimal experience when it comes to rimming and servicing your divine ass! It’s not something that most housewives are going to go out and lay down some cash for it – although I know more than a few husbands who would gladly do so!

I’m thinking of having another one made that fits over the toilet in my master bedroom so that I can have some of my more intense clients utilize it for their private toilet training sessions. I might even have one made for the downstairs bathroom that fits over the bidet for my female clients.

Mistress Cara
[Queening Mistress and rimjob lover]

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