Queening Ass Worship

Recently Mistress Femme gave me a promotion. I am now her official toilet slave and custodian of that most heavenly piece of femdom furniture ever devised – the Queening chair. Worshiping the divine ass of my Mistress is my sole duty and delight in this world. Being able to peer up at her perfectly formed ass as she sits above me is a thrill and privilege I cannot begin to describe.

I was formally the lowest-ranked slave in her stable and was only allowed to worship her from afar. Being quartered in the small gimp room above the garage, I was only allowed out to clean the bathrooms and occasionally sexually service some of her huge black male slaves. Although I have been thoroughly feminized and trained as a sissy male maid I still retain my sexual interest in being allowed to serve and worship her heavenly ass.

Beneath The Queening Chair

When on the Queening chair she allows me to partake of her steaming hot golden nectar and revel in the aroma of her exposed womanhood, a treat that I will be forever grateful for. Sometimes she even consents to peering down between her legs and addressing me by name, asking me if I enjoy the favors she is showering upon me. When she is done it is my duty to wipe clean and otherwise tend to her toilet.

Being the slave of a Queening Mistress is something I always hoped I would be able to experience, and now that I am a part of her household staff I pray that she may always find favor in my subjugation and complete obedience to her wishes. Should I ever fail in my duties as her toilet slave, I have no doubt that she would have me castrated and sold to a rich Arab, as happened to the last two male slaves who incurred her wrath. It might sound cruel, but anyone who has been in the service of a dominant woman understands the risks as well as the rewards.

I must now close this account of my new promotion and tend to my duties, secure in the knowledge that my heart and soul will always belong to her and pray that she keeps my cock locked in perpetual chastity as her abject slave.

sissy david
[Slave in charge of the Queening chair]

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My New Queening Chair

Recently I took delivery of a new bit of furniture, my custom Queening chair! I had it installed downstairs in the front section of my private dungeon so I could have my slaves service my divine pussy and ass while I watched the 52 inch HD big screen I received last year as a present from a client in Bogota.

For those who have never seen a Queening chair, it’s simply a raised chair with the seat cut out so you can have your slave lay prone with his head directly under your ass to service and receive your “gifts”.

Now MINE is plush tucked leather and comes with gilded armrests and also ornately carved balled claws that make up the feet. It rocks!

Worship That Ass, Slave!

I decided to try it the first day by making one of my lessor slave males, robert, get into position and savor my asshole. He was instructed to lay still at first and just look up, then after a bit I forced him to stick out his tongue and taste my anus, gradually building to having him tongue fuck my asshole until I came. It felt great! So comfortable and I could also dig my stiletto heels into his cock and balls as he lay there beneath me. Win-win for the Mistress!

Mistress Wants You Ready For Her Queening Chair

Now that I have it installed and tested, it’s time to prepare a steady stream of slaves and sluts to enjoy the Queening chair as part of their training and humiliation sessions. I’ve always been into facesitting as I think worshiping a dominant woman’s beautiful ass is just part and parcel of what a slave must BEG to do, and I also enjoy giving golden showers to the ones that do it the best! Some of Mistresses’ hot golden nectar is a reward they ALL desire, trust me on that!

How Did My Ass Taste?

One thing that I like to do after giving a slave a facesitting session, and one that will definitely be a part of the Queening chair routine, is making my slaves go back to their cells and write out a long page on how my ass tasted. And it better be FULL of glowing descriptions and poetic words of what it’s like to lick the ass and pussy of a Mistress and drink her hot necter if so granted!

I’m even thinking of having another Queening chair crafted and installed upstairs in my private bedroom for those “special” sessions!

Mistress Femme
(Cruel and delicious)

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