Facefull Of Panties

Who wouldn’t LOVE a facefull of panties as a beautiful dominant woman sits on your face and smothers you with her sweet ass?

Not this lucky fucker!

asian lesbian queening picture
“Like That Tart And Tangy Aroma, Lover?”

His hot slut of a wife is giving him a good ass smelling treat before she bends him over the bed and does his butthole with her strapon! HA! Did we mention she’s into pegging guys up the ass and uses her husband for target practice almost every night? YEP! Panty facesitting and Queening is only the start of her erotic antics and he gets to be the femdom test dummy for all her perverted passions!

Lucky or not, he’s in for a night of hot sex with a gal who LOVES to take control!

(Cute but cruel)

Women Who Make Men In Babies

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Queening Facesitting In Panties

Making a man smell my crotch through my panties is just PART of my Queening routine. From there it just get FAR more extreme and humiliating!

queening facesitting picture
“Come On, SMELL That SWEET Stank!”

After I give him the face grind he’s been BEGGING for, I often make him take out his cock and masturbate to gay porn for me. Why? Because it turns ME on, that’s why! It’s not about making a male slave happy, it’s what makes his MISTRESS happy – and I like watching straight guys have to jerk off to hardcore gay porn! LOL!

Of course after they cum I then make them lick up the mess, it’s only right that they keep my apartment neat and clean. besides, I usually invite some of my girlfriends over to watch what happens next – I bang their bum with a strap on cock and send them home to their wives clutching their stinging assholes and promising to be good. HA!

Mistress Sandra
(Extreme Bitch)

Facesitting And Smothering Pictures!

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Young Teen Girls In Panties Catfight

So everyone likes hot young teen girls running around in their tight little white panties, right? Well how about if they were also having a topless catfight and tit pulling wrestling match to boot?

teen panties catfight picture
“I’ll Make You Lick My Pussy, Bitch!”

Young and horny for the heat of battle, that what we like in a girl, right? And seeing them wrestling, dominating and forcing each other to taste pussy is just the fucking BEST!

“I once saw my little sister and one of her girlfriends get into a fight. It wasn’t three minutes before they had each other’s tops off and we just YANKING on each other’s titties like wildcats. Screaming and crying, swearing and scratching! I almost came in my pants right there!”

Why not enjoy some teens in panties having a catfight today? We can make it happen!

(Young and ready to rumble)

Young Teen Bare Butts!

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Asian Lesbian Queening

Recently it’s come to our notice that reams of cute and horny Thai bar girls have been getting into Queening and putting on sex shows for their clients featuring lots of hot smothering and facesitting!

asian lesbian queening picture
“”I Like Making Her Smell Pussy Ass!”

Everyone knows lesbians LOVE a good facefull of hot pussy and stanky ass so it comes as NO surprise that these lovely Asian hotties are including it in their routines. Of course the horny foreign bar goers are just lining up to watch, but hey, WOULDN’T YOU?

Queening facesitting is sweeping the globe and we’re here to make sure all our femdom fans know about it!

Bobbi K.
(Foreign Queening Reporter)

Lesbian Facesitting And BDSM Fun!

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Queening Panty Facesitting Punishment

How many times has a man been caught sniffing panties?

And how many times has a woman gone to the dyer at the laundromat only to discover some fucking perv has stolen her panties?

Time to do something about it!

panty queening picture
“”A Good Panty Grind Should Tame YOU!”

I finally decided that the best way to make a man obey was to give him something he loves, but in a dominating way that enforces his role as a pet or slave. My solution? Queening panty facesitting and grinding! Yep, I make the worm lay on the floor while I rub and thrust my crotch back and forth across his face while wearing a pair of DIRTY panties!

I keep a pair around that I haven’t washed in ages and have worn for days on end under my hot sweaty jeans while working in the yard between client days, hehe. Full of tangy goodness and musky delights for the man who thinks sniffing a gal’s undies is fun!!

Sometimes they BEG me to stop, but do I? FUCK NO!

Mistress Beth
(Smell it, worm)

Facesitting Mistress Porn That STANKS!

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Smelling Her Hot Crack For Punishment

I heard this wimp had a panty fetish. Seems he liked to steal little girl’s undies off the clothes line in his apartment building, so his wife called me and asked if I would do a little “correcting” on his worthless ass.

Oh yeah, I’ll have that fucktard sniffing hot ass crack and pussy while paying the for the thrill, I said!

queening facesitting picture
“Like the smell of your Mistreseses’ pussy, slave?”

Of course I did NOT allow him to get hard or masturbate, that is only for my favorite slaves and this little bitch boy has much work to do before he can enter Mistresses’ stable as a favorite pet.

His wife wanted me to ball kick him a few times for good measure, but I told her we’d hold off on the more extreme femdom BDSM treatments – for now!

If he gets caught again stealing underwear he’ll be back for THAT!

Mistress Tara
(Divine ass worship Queen)

Want To Be A Sissy Boy For Mistress?

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