Fat Ass Lesbian Queening Facesitting

My sweet little lesbian love slave has a fetish we share nightly – she loves to be smothered by my plump dimpled ass!

fat ass lesbian queening picture
“My Little Bitch Smothered With A Nice Fat Ass!”

And she sucks my asshole and pussy SO good when I do it! I have the BEST orgasms and I’m not even trying to punish or humiliate her either. I mean, yes, we DO have a strict lezdom relationship, but I allow her to service my ass outside of our domination lifestyle because I like it SO much, lol!

I know I should make the little slut suffer more, but she’s just so cute and loving around the house, keeping it clean and doing her chores with nary a complaint or grumble. It almost breaks my heart when I have to tie her to the rack and flog her soft white flesh with my cat-o-nine-tails.

Ah, well, a Mistress I am and lezdom is what I do, so it’s time to punish the poor thing again!

Mistress Sara
(Plump and juicy)

She Says “Snort My Butt!”

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First Time Lesbian Bondage

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Lezdom Jeans Facesitting

How about some kinky lesbo jeans facesitting?

jeans lesbian queening picture
“Girls LOVE Facesitting Other Girls!”

Making a girl smell and taste your ass or pussy is a MAJOR part of the lezdom ritual – and it’s FUN!

“I always make my little bitch taste my ass before I fuck her! She tells me she doesn’t like it and it’s humiliating, but how come she’s always ready to lay there and take it if she didn’t like it? Hmmm?”

Works for us! All girls love a good Queening session and so do we!

Queening Mistress
(Taste that brown eye, bitch!)

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Lesbian Mistress Loves Queening

I love making one of my little slave sluts lick pussy and taste ass!

Hearing them beg and plead as I plunge their pretty faces into my spread ass cheeks and demanding they “Clean Mistresses’ asshole!” is a hoot! Needless to say I usually have to beat them with a whip a few times before they do it, but trust me – THEY DO IT!

lesbian mistress queening picture
“”Extreme Female BDSM By A Lesbian Mistress”

Take this little whore for example. She came to me asking to be a house maid and serve me in my apartment on weekends dusting and doing chores. Yeah, right! I had her right down in the dungeon naked and tied to a cross as I whipped her pale naked flesh soundly and them violated her ass with my biggest strapon. THEN she was ready to begin her chores! HA!

I view Queening as a treat for my slave girls, not a punishment. After all, what lesbo slut wouldn’t LOVE having to lick her Mistress clean every night?

Mistress Samantha
(Lesbian Dominatrix)

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