Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories

Our favorite erotic femdom author Mistress Femme is back with a sizzling new collection entitled “Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories Volume 1″ available now for instant download from Amazon for Kindle, mobile devices and even your desktop PC.

Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories By Mistress Femme
Cuckolding Short Stories

“I think it’s pretty common knowledge that many women, especially when bored, abused or neglected cheat on their husbands,” says Mistress Femme, “but not many people know that often within the marriage that same cheating wife can become empowered and indeed sexually dominant over her husband as she cheats with her various lovers. And of course, it is no surprise that some men love being sexually humiliated by their wife and invited or forced to participate in the adulterous affairs she conducts sexually. Besides, men need a strong woman to keep them in line, right?”

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy wired to me just before I left on a flight home from New York the other night, and was able to read the entire thing during the long flight back to Los Angeles – and I must say it was awesome! The writing is crisp, the stories short and to the point, i.e. very sexually explicit and full of delicious erotic action, and I have to admit I found myself more than a little aroused by it all. In fact I had to get up and go to the bathroom several times during the course of the flight so I could masturbate to the deliciously wicked cuckolding images Mistress Femme had put in my mind via the book. I especially loved the story in which the poor neglected housewife hooked up with a large dangerous ex-con and invited him over to feminize and sodomize her asshole of a husband after forcing him to prance abut in a pair of her little yellow panties, great stuff for the female domination fan!

If you’re into cuckolding and cheating wife stories grab your copy of “Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories Volume One” by Mistress Femme today

Lady Harriet
(erotic book reviews and male sexual humiliation my forte)