Bikini Bitch Wrestling Match

When I first started fighting other girls in the ring, I thought it was a bit of a joke really, I mean, come on, how hard could it be?

Turns out VERY!

lesbian catfight in bikinis picture
“Next Your Going To Be Licking My Ass, SLUT!”

The first girl I wrestled almost broke my freaking neck and must of pulled out about two handfuls of my hair! After that I toughened up and started dealing it out hardcore – I became known for pining girls down, pulling down my trunks and making them lick my ass right there in the ring! Yep, they were sputtering and pleading but I served them up a hot serving of sweaty bitch asshole!

Soon I became the regional female fighting champion and am now on my way to the nationals! You should catch my fighting sometime and enjoy the show – just bring LOTS of cash to bet ON ME!

(Black bitch fighter)

Hair-Pulling Teen Catfights!

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Black Ass Queening Mistress

When I get some white boy down for some ass worship I love to make him lick my hot black ass till I cum! And of course he better be begging Mistress for the pleasure of tasting her booty while doing it!

black mistress queening picture
“Worship That Black Ass, White Boy!”

I want that asshole spit-shined and hear all sorts of nice things – like my asshole tastes like candy and my pussy smells like Heaven! White boys be good for shit like that, smelling ass and such, a black man’s got a big cock for sucking and fucking, but white boys just be good for licking and humiliating! They even BEG for the chance to serve a Black Queening Mistress!

Better believe it, I’ve shamed many a white boy into tears before and it pays GOOD TOO!

Mistress Afreak
(Busting booty calls on whitey)

Black Girls Looking For White Boys!

Queening femdom sex story copyright Queening.Com. All rights reserved.