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Everybody’s favorite Femdom author Mistress Femme is back with a sizzling selection of hot stories about dominant wives who punish and humiliate their husbands with spanking!

Wives Who Spank - Spanked Husband Stories By Mistress Femme
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Whether by hand, paddle, hair brush, cane or bullwhip, these strict married bitches make their submissive husband’s dance to the lash and pout with a sore red bare bottom in a variety of kinky and highly arousing tales. If you’re a fan of domestic discipline, then “Wives Who Spank” by Mistress Femme is sure to be on the top of your reading list!

“My readers love stories about women in control,” says Mistress Femme, “And what better way for a man to learn his place then over his wife’s lap with his pants at his ankles and mother in law watching?!”


MAdame Tava

A Strict Wife And Mistress

When Harald married Mistress Cathy he thought it would mean he’d have great sex the rest of his life. But the lady had other plans – he gets NO sex, only constant humiliation and degrading punishments!

strict queening mistress picture
“I’m Going To Smack Your Little PeePee!”

Of course one might ask what the hell was he thinking? A dominant woman is not going to settle for just one man, right? And why would she not take a big stud over some pathetic wimp like Harald? Answer – she had already picked him out as he house wimp and meal ticket (after all he WAS rich) and decided having him under her thumb 24/7 would give her time to enjoy her stable of slaves and sluts while not having to worry about paying the bills!

Win win for her!

But Harald? He gets to spend his days serving as a sexual punching bag and butt of all her cruel jokes. His only pleasure is she allows him to masturbate with her dirty panties once a month!

So, dear Harald, was being married to a strict wife and Mistress worth it?

(Bitch supreme)

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My Husband Is Now My Sissy

Need some sissy training to keep you in line? Or maybe you just like watching OTHERS get feminized and turned into a cock-loving sissy maid, eh?

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Sissy Panty Shame For Husbands Who OBEY!

I specialize in keeping men docile and tame by turning them into panty wearing sissy sluts who suck cock upon command, want to SEE?

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Dominant Wife Spanks Husband

When my husband is bad or just being a general pain in the ass I don’t wait for it to get worse, I spank his bare ass with a belt right then and there!

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“That’s's Right, Cry For Your Mommy!”

Take the other day for an example. I caught him upstairs goofing off with his fishing gear instead of cleaning the attic like I told him to. He said he was going to get to it and not to be such a bitch about it! A bitch? I’ll show that asshole what a bitch I can be!

Down came his trousers and SMACK went my leather belt across his pale bare butt! You should of heard him blubbering like a baby when I got done with him THAT afternoon! You can call me a bitch or a dominant wife, I really don’t give a shit, but when I say to DO something, it better get DONE!

So if I have to humiliate my husband from time to time to keep him in line, then so be it!

(I punish my husband)

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Wife And Mistress In One

When I married Jim, I made it quite clear who was going to be in charge – ME!

I would handle the money, he would cook and clean, I would get to go out, he would stay home and make sure the house was clean and the yard nice and neat. And if he was good, I would allow him to masturbate to nude pictures of me once in a while – but sex with me was only when I wanted it to happen!

wife mistress picture
“Yeah, I Spanked Him GOOD!”

And so I come home and find him jerking his cock to some bimbos on the internet with big tits! The little worm! I quickly had him upstairs across the bed and with my belt whipping his bare ass until he was crying and begging me to stop. Did I? HELL NO!

Being a wife and Mistress means enforcing discipline and who better to learn that than your husband? I might be a bitch to some, but a dominant wife KNOWS how to keep control and punishing your husband on a regular basis is part and parcel of the job!

Besides, it’s SO much fun! LOL!

(Bitch wife and Mistress)

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