Naked Catfight In The Apartment

I’m a rich lesbian who pays young girls to catfight and wrestle naked in my apartment while me and my gal pals watch. Do you think that’s hot or taboo?

naked apartment catfight picture
“Apartment Wrestling And Catfighting In The Nude!”

No matter, my friends and I have the local police on the payroll and they know better than to bother us when we’re having one of our little nude apartment wrestling parties!

See, the one thing about having lots of money is that you can pretty much do what you want, so hiring sweet young girls to strip naked and fight with each other is no big deal. I even offer them enough to sexually service my friends at the end of the night too. They might be straight young college and high school girls when they came up to my apartment, but they all leave with the taste of hot pussy and ass on their lips, lol!

Oh, I do so love being rich and lesbian!

(Rich and pussy loving)

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