Queening And Humiliation

My Queening clients all think that I have nothing better to do than listen to their pathetic requests and desires for punishment – fuck that! I want ONE thing from a man. his money and a good Queening ass licking!

humiliation queening picture
“Get A Good Lick Of My Brown Anus, Lover!”

Okay, so maybe that’s two, but come to think of it I also like them to bend over and let me fuck their asshole with a strapon, so I guess it’s three! LOL!

Keeping a male down is fun and can be quite profitable – if you can put up with all their begging and pleading for attention. Sometimes I think I should just castrate my male slaves and be done with it. But then I wouldn’t have the enjoyment of making them suck each other’s cocks and take it up the ass while me and my gal pals watch, huh?


Mistress Staci
(Cruel and strict)

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