Black Ass Queening Mistress

When I get some white boy down for some ass worship I love to make him lick my hot black ass till I cum! And of course he better be begging Mistress for the pleasure of tasting her booty while doing it!

black mistress queening picture
“Worship That Black Ass, White Boy!”

I want that asshole spit-shined and hear all sorts of nice things – like my asshole tastes like candy and my pussy smells like Heaven! White boys be good for shit like that, smelling ass and such, a black man’s got a big cock for sucking and fucking, but white boys just be good for licking and humiliating! They even BEG for the chance to serve a Black Queening Mistress!

Better believe it, I’ve shamed many a white boy into tears before and it pays GOOD TOO!

Mistress Afreak
(Busting booty calls on whitey)

Black Girls Looking For White Boys!

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