Snarling Bikini Slut Fight

When Sasha and Gwen got into a catfight the other night things so got out of control! Rolling around swearing at the top of their lungs, knocking furniture over and breaking dishes soon had the manager of the apartment building up there threatening to call the police if the two young sluts didn’t cool it and quit fighting!

bikini catfight picture
“Bite Me And I’ll Fist Your Ass!”

Did they? FUCK NO! They soon had each other’s bikinis off and started biting tits and belly punching like a couple of snarling wildcats in heat! In fact Sasha even held Gwen down and roughly fingered her pussy right in front of the startled apartment manager! Talk about a show!

The guys didn’t call the police, though, he just sat down on the couch, pulled out his cock and jerked off watching the two sluts go at it!

Sounds like a good time was had by all, right?

(Love fighting sluts)

Fitness Girls Looking For Sex!

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Bikini Bitch Wrestling Match

When I first started fighting other girls in the ring, I thought it was a bit of a joke really, I mean, come on, how hard could it be?

Turns out VERY!

lesbian catfight in bikinis picture
“Next Your Going To Be Licking My Ass, SLUT!”

The first girl I wrestled almost broke my freaking neck and must of pulled out about two handfuls of my hair! After that I toughened up and started dealing it out hardcore – I became known for pining girls down, pulling down my trunks and making them lick my ass right there in the ring! Yep, they were sputtering and pleading but I served them up a hot serving of sweaty bitch asshole!

Soon I became the regional female fighting champion and am now on my way to the nationals! You should catch my fighting sometime and enjoy the show – just bring LOTS of cash to bet ON ME!

(Black bitch fighter)

Hair-Pulling Teen Catfights!

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Naked Catfight In The Apartment

I’m a rich lesbian who pays young girls to catfight and wrestle naked in my apartment while me and my gal pals watch. Do you think that’s hot or taboo?

naked apartment catfight picture
“Apartment Wrestling And Catfighting In The Nude!”

No matter, my friends and I have the local police on the payroll and they know better than to bother us when we’re having one of our little nude apartment wrestling parties!

See, the one thing about having lots of money is that you can pretty much do what you want, so hiring sweet young girls to strip naked and fight with each other is no big deal. I even offer them enough to sexually service my friends at the end of the night too. They might be straight young college and high school girls when they came up to my apartment, but they all leave with the taste of hot pussy and ass on their lips, lol!

Oh, I do so love being rich and lesbian!

(Rich and pussy loving)

Like Hardcore Extreme Lesbian Domination?

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Legs Spread Bikini Catfight Action

One thing that makes two young girls in bikinis having a snarling catfight is all the great spread leg peaks you get as they battle and grapple for victory!

asian lesbian queening picture
“A Nice Shot Of That Hot Sweaty Snatch!”

Call me a perv (I’m actually just a good bisexual girl) but I love seeing girls catfight in their bikinis or underwear – especially when I can see some nice vulva and brown eye action peeping out, hehe. Some of the girls might be straight, but trust me, you can SMELL the pussy scent when it happens and I know for a fact it turns girls on, it sure does me!

Maybe that’s why I became a coach for a girl’s softball team, huh? But hey, just don’t tell my school district I get off on watching the young girls shower, they might fire me!

Coach Zelda
(Line up, ladies, breast inspection!)

Naughty Daughters Looking For Trouble!

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Young Teen Girls In Panties Catfight

So everyone likes hot young teen girls running around in their tight little white panties, right? Well how about if they were also having a topless catfight and tit pulling wrestling match to boot?

teen panties catfight picture
“I’ll Make You Lick My Pussy, Bitch!”

Young and horny for the heat of battle, that what we like in a girl, right? And seeing them wrestling, dominating and forcing each other to taste pussy is just the fucking BEST!

“I once saw my little sister and one of her girlfriends get into a fight. It wasn’t three minutes before they had each other’s tops off and we just YANKING on each other’s titties like wildcats. Screaming and crying, swearing and scratching! I almost came in my pants right there!”

Why not enjoy some teens in panties having a catfight today? We can make it happen!

(Young and ready to rumble)

Young Teen Bare Butts!

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Asian Lesbian Queening Catfight

Now everyone knows you can go to Thailand or somewhere in Asia and hire yourself a couple of young sexy girls to have sex with, right?

But did you know LOTS of people are going there to hire girls to catfight and have sex with each other?

asian lesbian queening catfight picture
“Lickee Ass, Bitch!”

Yep, it’s the latest sex tourist craze and guys (and a few rich and powerful women we know of) are flocking to set up their own private Asian lesbian queening catfights! This is what one of them said:

“Females fighting and fucking each other turns me on, so why not go? The girls are beautiful, REALLY young and have a knack for kicking ass – what’s not to love?”

Works for us! Let’s book some tickets!

(Female fight fan)

Live Nude Lesbian Sex Shows!

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