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Everybody’s favorite Femdom author Mistress Femme is back with a sizzling selection of hot stories about dominant wives who punish and humiliate their husbands with spanking!

Wives Who Spank - Spanked Husband Stories By Mistress Femme
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Whether by hand, paddle, hair brush, cane or bullwhip, these strict married bitches make their submissive husband’s dance to the lash and pout with a sore red bare bottom in a variety of kinky and highly arousing tales. If you’re a fan of domestic discipline, then “Wives Who Spank” by Mistress Femme is sure to be on the top of your reading list!

“My readers love stories about women in control,” says Mistress Femme, “And what better way for a man to learn his place then over his wife’s lap with his pants at his ankles and mother in law watching?!”


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Dominant Women Submissive Men 2

Our favorite author and Dominatrix Mistress Femme has a new edition of her series “Dominant Women Submissive Men” out and it smokes!

dominant women submissive me stories by Mistress Femme
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Great stories about men feminized and auctioned off as sissy male maids, rich husbands introduced to CBT (and painful cock sounding) by their young wives, fat black women who cane and punish young white boys and MORE! All XXX and VERY explicit, be sure to grab a copy today and enjoy some of the most erotic and sizzling female domination stories by someone who has been there and done it!

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Snarling Bikini Slut Fight

When Sasha and Gwen got into a catfight the other night things so got out of control! Rolling around swearing at the top of their lungs, knocking furniture over and breaking dishes soon had the manager of the apartment building up there threatening to call the police if the two young sluts didn’t cool it and quit fighting!

bikini catfight picture
“Bite Me And I’ll Fist Your Ass!”

Did they? FUCK NO! They soon had each other’s bikinis off and started biting tits and belly punching like a couple of snarling wildcats in heat! In fact Sasha even held Gwen down and roughly fingered her pussy right in front of the startled apartment manager! Talk about a show!

The guys didn’t call the police, though, he just sat down on the couch, pulled out his cock and jerked off watching the two sluts go at it!

Sounds like a good time was had by all, right?

(Love fighting sluts)

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An Ass To Worship

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After spending hours in the gym doing squats and leg lifts I could crack a fucking walnut with my firm ass cheeks – or some wimp’s HEAD!

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Do they like it? They better LOVE it! It’s the best thing in their pathetic lives and they better show the proper respect or I’ll kick the living shit out of them! Call me a bitch, but you better be on your knees praising and worshiping my divine ass when you do!

Mistress Fiona
(Irish Ass Goddess)

My Sweet Domina Commands!

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